A revolutionary approach to telecom service delivery

Scalable, elastic and 100% US based Network Engineering teams built for high volume, response time, and guaranteed quality driven by SLAs.Use our teams to increase accuracy and accelerate productivity. We work as an extension of your organization with great care for your budget leveraging our unique price-per-task model. Never worry about the cost of errors, rejects, or reworks – we guarantee our deliverable at 100% to eliminate paying for one task, twice.







Let’s Get to Work

Program and Order Management

Order Entry and Integrity

Circuit and Network Design

Provisioning and Activation

Service Assurance and Testing

Telecom Staffing


     Eliminate Risk to the Business

The risk and cost associated with obtaining top talent, just to lose them to a higher paying job shortly after, is no longer the burden of the business.

     Scale as Business Changes

Demand can vary as the market changes. Scale up or down as these shifts occur and only pay for what you need without a negative impact to internal teams.

     Drive Innovation and Profitability

Achieve business growth with limited investment while meeting SLAs – sounds good, right? With the day-to-day operations under control, your teams can focus on the areas of the business that most impact revenue and directly require their expertise and innovation.

     Expert Quality

You can trust our Telecom Subject Matter Experts to complete the work faster and with the quality you expect from an internal hire.

     Reduce Overall Costs

Eliminate traditional labor cost models by leveraging our task delivery model, where you only pay for successfully completed tasks. teams.

     Satisfaction Guarantee

Mikkena guarantees every engineering output at a task level. You only pay once and we guarantee time and quality of each task.

We Speak Your Language

Granite, MetaSolv, Salesforce, Kramer, Amdocs, Convergys, Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel, Neustar, Metro Ethernet, SD-WAN, Clones, etc.

Our managed delivery teams are well-trained on industry platforms and systems, with strong experience in top industry favorites. With 15 years of industry experience, our vast base of multi-disciplinary experts are also able to quickly learn proprietary applications and process flow while adhering to established intervals and service levels.






Managed Delivery Models

Traditional Hourly

Leverage our fully managed teams on an hourly basis for short-term projects. 

No investment in people
No investment in benefits
No investment in administration


Pay a negotiated flat rate per accurately completed task.

Never pay for overtime
Never pay for rework
Satisfaction guaranteed

Advisory: Optimize Your Operation

Lean on our years of experience and broad perspective to conduct an objective assessment of your telecom engineering operation. Our five-step advisory method is packaged to tailor with no pressure to move onto the next step. 

Step 1

Discovery and Diagnostic

Mikkena conducts internal and external interviews, systems reviews, measures customer experience, and reviews process development.

Our proposals are flexibly designed to walk away with. You may choose to implement internally, with another vendor, or with Mikkena. That choice is yours.

Step 2

Selection and Scope

Should you decide to partner with Mikkena, the next step is to select from phase-one recommendations according to desired scope and priorities with an agile approach.

Step 3

Implementation and Pilot

We take the agreed-upon plan and get to work. Implement, test, refine. 

Step 4

User Acceptance, Training, and Change Adoption

Training and user adoption management. Change is impossible without adoption, and people can only adopt what they understand. We’ll lead the way. 

Step 5

Operationalization, Measurements, Adjustments

Operational model with ongoing support. Forward motion and adapt. Success is a constant process.