A superior approach to the costly recruiting models of our competitors

Significant reduction in money spent filling job openings.

Talent Acquisition

Mikkena can help you hire the most qualified candidates for jobs at all levels, including senior executive positions. When you work with Mikkena for your talent acquisition needs, we connect you with top talent via our proprietary customized, flexible, transparent and collaborative process – so that your company continues to perform at its best. With our automation tools, we can source candidates 3 times faster than 1 recruiter and source a larger quantity of passive candidates. Our business model is a new approach to talent acquisition that reduces recruiting costs and the time it takes to search for, find, and hire top talent.

Remote Workers

Mikkena is a fully remote company that has championed and encouraged our clients to hire remote workers whenever possible. Being a fully remote company with firsthand experience in hiring, training, and managing remote workers gives us the unique ability to help our clients successfully transition into having a larger percentage of remote workers in their company. Our services include recruiting, screening, hiring, onboarding, training, and managing remote workers. We can also coach your company in structuring and scaling remote organizations, globally sourcing remote talent, understanding regulatory compliance for remote workers, setting up remote offices, utilizing the best tools and technology for remote workers, and measuring remote worker productivity.

Benefits of Our Services

•Interview only highly qualified candidates.

•Hire highly qualified top-level talent.

•Reduction in the time to locate and hire a candidate.

•Full transparency of the entire sourcing through hiring process.

Quality Hires + Time Savings + Control Over the Entire Process

What Makes Us Unique?

Hiring the right people to fill job vacancies in a timely manner can be a critical part of a company’s success. Now more than ever, the ability to tap into the power of people with the right skills and experience can be the difference between success and failure for a company. Having the right human capital can be just as important as having the right financial capital. Nothing is more important than hiring talented people for the short-term or long-term.

Mikkena can quickly find, screen, and process highly qualified candidates for your short-term, seasonal, high-volume and niche contract staffing requirements. Additionally, we provide contract-to-hire talent for project-based support with the option to hire our contractors on a permanent basis as employees. We can also find the top talent your company needs to hire today on a permanent basis. We can handle just about all your staffing requirements.

Why Choose Us?

There is a growing demand and acute shortage of talent. The Gig Economy, globalization, and rapidly evolving technology that efficiently connects remote workers to companies located anywhere in the world are having a dramatic impact on how companies approach recruiting top talent to fill key positions. Many companies are starting to realize that tapping into the remote global workforce and hiring remote workers is key to solving the recruiting challenges they are facing.